November marks 14 years with Varsity College and although my role is in operations, I feel like I teach and mentor people every day.  The heartbeat of the operations and academic teams is felt through my veins and I want to expand my knowledge in the online learning space so I am able to support my colleagues and in turn support our students and lecturers.  Varsity College and education in general is my passion and my belief has always remained that “anything that stays in one’s head space is useless if it is not shared”.  This type of sharing/teaching/learning can take any form whether it is in a classroom or not.  My sharing/teaching/learning takes place from my desk all day, every day.

Academic achievements and work achievements exist however my greatest achievement still remains my two beautiful children.  Outside of Varsity College I am a wife and a proud mum of two boys aged 9 & 11.  They are my pride and joy and other than completion of my Honours in Management a few years back, the most studying I have done in recent years is Grade 2 and 5 and that too can be challenging after many years.  Hence my interest in ONL162 so my mind starts to tick on level that can challenge my thinking again.