My inbox overflows, my thoughts are flowing, my mind is racing…The last two weeks went by in a flash with regional workshops done and dusted – 3 regions in two weeks.  Sharing with you the most beautiful Cape Town sunset which speaks a thousand words.  2017 planning is well underway, the team is feeling strong and certainly have our work cut out for us with the end of the year fast approaching.  I feel like I have neglected my online friends but have achieved so much on the work front.

Topic 1 is over and I reflect on how this introductory topic has created perspective on all we do in a public domain.  Someone said to me recently, there is no safe space, nothing you say is safe, think… and she was not referring to an online platform.  So what is the difference then?  Does it come down to accountability and where ever one chooses to voice their opinions one needs to understand the accountability that comes with this.  Something we were told growing up, simple things like don’t say things you don’t mean and of course we go through life pretending this doesn’t apply to us or we know everything until it smacks you on the bottom and you realise that “things can and will be used against you”.

Seeing messages on Facebook all week with friends posting messages declaring their privacy status which will supposedly prevent Facebook from using their information.  So does posting something like this really keep your Facebook private… who are we kidding?  Only ourselves, I think.

The world is a funny place – full of open source, freedom of speech, encouraging our children to express themselves, promoting oneself to be outspoken but then again the need to take precautions on an online platform.