I have to be honest I was wishing this course away up until Topic 3,  it was taking up time I did not have and I was learning in an area which I felt was not necessary right now.  How wrong was I?  I am so glad I persevered as it allowed me to test my boundaries in an area which was foreign.  The more I felt I could not do this, the more I realised that I actually could!

In the beginning, it was all about ticking boxes, making sure the activity tracker was complete, finding time to read an article and realising that watching a video was actually quicker 🙂 It was only when I actually started understanding some of the articles I was reading and began drawing a parallel to how I could use this in my own space did I really start enjoying the course and understanding the meaning of me being here.  My activity tracker has not been filled for weeks because realised being here was about learning and engaging and not about ticking boxes.  Such is life…we tend to tick boxes and we forget to live.  We take pictures and forget to enjoy the moment. We constantly talking about how big our kids are getting we forget to enjoy them while they are young.

My team was great – Mats Lintrup, Pernilla Siljehag, Maija Lampinen and Kerstin Akergard.  We leaned on each other for different topics and at different times and each team member playing their role in the topic that appealed to them most which I suppose is the goal of team work.  Together we achieved even though completion of this means something different to each of us.  It taught me to test my strength in an unfamiliar area and not to doubt my thinking.  It was actually oaky to say the wrong thing (if there is such a thing) as each person respected the platform and each others thinking.  Even if an opinion shared was incorrect, it prompted thinking along the right lines and eventually provided a common thought process.  This was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people across the globe, share ideas and thoughts with someone you’ve never met and still feel like you belong.

I learnt about:

  • Google Docs, Canva, Coggle & Prezzi.
  • Blended learning, a term I should be familiar with but now understand more.  The challenges our lecturers are faced with given the profile of an online student
  • The challenges our students face in a blended environment
  • Gained exposure to Pixabay, Creative Commons, Open Educational Resources (OER), Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  • Writing a blog…something I never ever dreamed of doing.  Yes, my 11 year old son assisted me but I probably would not have allowed him to teach me if it wasn’t a requirement.
  • And exercise critical thinking in an area which is not my strength

What an experience it has been, a journey of 10 weeks which has broadened my mind in a way I would have resisted had it not been for ONL162.

Thank you for the opportunity.